To The Editor:

I have had the privilege of crossing the bridge into Washington many times a week.

It has been fascinating watching from the beginning the building of our new bridge. To see exactly the layers of planning and organization, the use of land and river to move equipment and materials, and to see up close what is really involved in building this structure is amazing.

But the most impressive part has been the workers. They have endured this in all kinds of weather — heat and humidity, wind and rain, extreme cold and snow and even floods. These workers come from many trades and work in conditions most of us cannot begin to imagine. And most importantly, they do this suspended over the Missouri River! I have only seen professionalism and safety from them.

What few and necessary delays folks have had to wait through, the workers are pleasant and organized, and efficient in keeping traffic moving. I know countless people have been a part of making this new bridge a reality, from planning, financing and design. But the real heroes are the people using their skills and talents, risking their lives for the betterment of our region.

With this year’s Fair slogan, “Your Bridge to Fun,” I think it would be nice for Washington to extend a pass to each employee who has been out there working on this. I am sure it must be hundreds of them, yet it would be a nice way for them to know we noticed and appreciated what they did. Hopefully, they would bring their families and proudly show them their work, and the warmth of the people here.

If the city cannot afford such as expense, folks in the area could purchase a pass to donate to a worker. I would be happy to purchase the first one. We could all adopt a bridge worker.

In a few months the new bridge will be open and I will once again be able to see upriver as I cross. Dignitaries from all over will be here to dedicate our new bridge, but I will remember the brave folks who worked so hard to make our lives better. What a great view I have had.