Third- and fourth-graders at St. Vincent de Paul School in Dutzow wrote Letters to the Editor as part of a class project. Several of them are below.

The students have been studying water, the water cycle and the importance of water to everything and everyone on Earth. They also have been using The Missourian periodically in various subjects.

To The Editor:

I am writing to remind everyone how important it is to not pollute.

I want people to stop polluting the Earth.

It is important because if everybody polluted, the Earth would be a dump!

So it is important to keep our water clean.

Clara Nowak, Grade Three, St. Vincent de Paul School, Dutzow

To The Editor:

I think the world shouldn’t hurt the environment by pouring paint, oil and other stuff on the ground and this is why:

Half of what we eat is from animals and if the water is dirty the animals will die and rot.

We would all get sick from the water.

Jada Schwoeppe, Grade Three, St. Vincent de Paul School, Dutzow

To The Editor:

I am a fourth-grade student at St. Vincent de Paul School. I am writing to you and everyone to remind them that they need to save fresh water. This is why we should save water: We need it to drink, to clean ourselves and to help plants grow.

We should save it because only 3 percent of the 74 percent of the water in the world is fresh water. And 97 percent of the 74 percent is saltwater which covers the Earth in the ocean.

You should help save it these ways: when not using water in sinks and in showers, turn off the water and wash your dishes yourselves as many times as you can. Just think, it is very hard to make fresh water.

Averi Glosemeyer, Grade Four, St. Vincent de Paul School, Dutzow

To The Editor:

I’m writing to you about our water. We have limited water. Of all the water on the Earth, we can only have 3 percent. I think if we don’t waste and disrespect our water we could have a bigger and cleaner water supply, and I think we all want that.

So think before you pour yourself a glass of water, think to yourself am I going to finish this? Please be careful what you put in our water and how you use our water.

Thank you for your time. Please take my ideas into consideration.

Grace Smith, Grade Four, St. Vincent de Paul School, Dutzow