To The Editor:

I am writing to give a shout-out and big thank you to the people of St. Clair for being such welcoming and awesome hosts during the recent eclipse. 

I am so glad that I forgot to buy solar filter glasses prior to driving out to St. Louis, otherwise I would never had been made aware of St. Clair. 

It just so happened that The Old Bus Stop still had some left, so we drove out from St. Louis and met some really nice people there. Unsure of where to watch the eclipse, we took their advice and invitation to come back and view it in St. Clair. We were so glad we did. 

I want to thank the people at The Old Bus Stop, the St. Clair Police and EMS for offering their parking lot, and all the volunteers who came around selling refreshments. You folks did a great job and what a community you have. 

Places and the people like you find in St. Clair are what makes the United States a great nation. Give yourselves a big pat on the back, St. Clair.