To The Editor:

I apologize up front for the delay in this response to the letter written to the editor from Brenda Kaihewalu during the weekend edition of July 22-23. I wanted to be able to respond with as many kind words as I could without offending this person and her beliefs.

I, too, am a strong Christian and believe in God as you tend to be and appreciate your convictions; however, what you viewed on our marquee that weekend of the Fourth, was a simple error, not done on purpose. It would have been kind of you to just simply call our post and point it out and we would have corrected it immediately. Our telephone number is listed in all the local telephone directories; you don’t need a pass key to walk in our front door and I’m sure there are plenty of veterans here in Washington who you could have contacted.

Just so you know, God is very much part of our lives; not only do we say this in our Enlistment Oath, “So help me God” in all United States Armed Forces, but we begin and end each post meeting with prayer. And last but not least, we promise to defend all our citizens, regardless of their faith, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The fact that you and others are able to worship freely is because some veteran gave his life for you to have that choice; you can thank us later. In the meantime, God bless you and God bless America.