To The Editor:

Re: Sharp Decrease in Gun Permits Issued, Jan. 27-28 2018, Missourian.

First, thanks to Gregg Jones for an article on, essentially, firearms safety.

Secondly, and more importantly, thanks to Sheriff Pelton for the input of some important facts concerning CCW permits.

As I have personally completed firearms safety and firearms safety instructor training, I cannot stress enough the importance of firearms safety. Watch the news, you will routinely see news articles on accidental firearms discharge that involve friends or family being injured, or worse. I also agree with the sheriff’s “trepidation” regarding background checks; this too should be categorized as a “safety concern.”

In closing, I’d like to suggest: 1) Take a firearms safety training course, it is worth the investment. You will learn something. 2) Read SB 656. It’s a lot of pages, but there’s a lot in it that, in my opinion, makes it worth the read.