o The Editor:

I am responding to Mr. Browning’s “Struggle for Truth Should Be Unending” of Sept. 14-15, 2019.

I will make this terse:

1. No, I do not believe that you (Mr. Browning) are part of the 9/11 conspiracy because no such conspiracy exists.

2. Do I think we should continue to search for the truth? Always. Except that the truth here has already been found. The “quest for 9/11 truth” will never end because finding that “truth” is as elusive as finding a corner in a circle.

3. As a trained physicist and practicing engineer myself who uses Occam’s Razor, the failure reasons of the buildings are well-understood and do not violate physical law. That includes Building 7.

4. Your intellect and time are better spent helping humanity find the truth to the real problems facing us.

Last time, I quoted my 9/11 widow friend. She had another Facebook post from this past 9/11 that I would like to share but must edit for space reasons:

“Every year I think it will be easier ... every year it’s not.

“I sat at the cemetery yesterday for a very long time talking to my [husband]. I talked about [our children] and everything that has happened with them over the last year. I talked to him about how very proud he would be of them.

“I wonder if it will ever stop being so painful and yet I haven’t quite accepted that this will be with me for the rest of my life. That on one hand I am brought back, EVERY ... SINGLE ... YEAR, to witness his death everywhere I turn — TV, radio, newspapers, memorial services. To allow all the pain and loss to wash over me like a tidal wave that infuses every cell of my body. It is exhausting!

“Yet I never want to show disrespect to all the people who work to keep the memory alive of all those lost.

“I suppose all I can do is ride the wave until it passes for another year, and focus on the greatest gift my husband left me with, our kids.”

I share her words because I want to share the pain she and other direct victims feel. She said to me six years ago, “I just want to move on.”

The “Quest for 9/11 Truth” doesn’t help that. Worse, it is a folly with the worst part being that its seekers are just more 9/11 victims.