To The Editor:

How stupid and naive do Trump and his minions think the citizens of this country are? It is insulting to be fed the never-ending litany of lies and to be expected to endorse his governing by impulse.

It appears to me that he makes decisions “because I can — I’m the president.” These may be from relatively minor (decimating National Park Land in Utah), to more serious (alienating many of our important allies), to even more serious (withdrawing from treaties important to our nation and the world’s well-being), to those which can literally threaten our civilization (taunting the unstable leader of North Korea, apparently Trump’s idea of statesmanship).

We are expected to forget the fact that Trump is using the presidency to add to his fortune, and that he has chosen family members equally ignorant of how national government functions as his closest advisers. (Jared Kushner his emissary, going to Israel to settle their problems?) We are expected to watch his continued expressions of, “He’s a very great, special person,” of an appointee, then flipping to, “He’s a loser,” for no obvious reason. Why would anyone subject themselves to this and volunteer to work with him?

We are expected to listen to his bragging about sexually abusing women, expecting and having no repercussions, then admitting to it and apologizing on national television, then claiming, “That voice on the recording isn’t mine.” Even before the recent spate of “Me-Too” reports of sexual abuse by prominent men, Trump was the subject of allegations of sexual abuse by multiple women. I think these revelations are way past due, by the way.

We are expected to accept from our president’s propensity to “lead by Tweets.” We are expected to accept his story of being offered Time Magazine’s person of the year award. (It was reported on NBC this morning that he is on a list of eight people/events for this honor.) What would lead him to have a make-believe cover of himself in this position and circulate copies to prominent places?

It goes on and on. I’ve said all I have to say about the severe personality disorder(s) made apparent by his behavior. I would point out that I am not by any means the only psychiatrist nationally who has made this observation and raised the question of early dementia as well, as we saw with Ronald Reagan toward the end of his presidency.

Trump would never accede to a psychiatric evaluation, although in my and other psychiatrists’ opinion the need for such is growing to be increasingly apparent, under the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

God help us all.