To The Editor:

RE: Commissioner Brinker’s idea to re-erect the St. Louis Confederate monument here in Franklin County.

It is time to dispense with the nonsense that our memory or grasp of history will in any way be diminished by the removal of Confederate monuments. The history of slavery in the US and of the Civil War is more than amply documented in books, magazines and newspapers, photos, film, museums, and stories told and passed on through the generations. Indeed, this sad chapter is inscribed in our hearts.

Ironically, this supposed concern for history ignores and undermines (perhaps by design?) the historical significance of this moment. Finally, there is wide recognition that it is wrong to honor and glorify those who fought to maintain a brutal and inhumane institution!

Just as our parents and grandparents told us about racial injustice they experienced and witnessed in their day, one day we will all be able to tell our youngsters about how — believe it or not —there used to be publicly displayed monuments to those who were on the wrong side of history … and that we remember the proud moment when those monuments came down. 

History will also show (in archives of The Missourian, if no place else) that Commissioner Brinker was decidedly on the wrong side of history at this time.