To The Editor:

I agree with Mark Wessels’ letter concerning all things “gun.”

There could be compromises, varying angles and approaches to the issue. When the writer indicates the same approach could be used regarding “life” issues, I disagree.

Columnist Peggy Noonan also wrote the following: “This is almost always true: A woman who aborts a child is operating within an emotional and spiritual context of fear, disappointment, confusion and sadness.”

If she receives an illegal abortion she should not be “punished” by the law. This is in line with long human tradition and is based on the simple wisdom that she has already been gravely and tragically penalized: She has lost her child, someone who was very likely to love her, someone she very likely would have loved.

The doctor who performs such an abortion on the other hand is not in turmoil, he is in business. He breaks the law and ends the life of the child with full consciousness, and for profit.

He should be “punished.” He should be in jail.