To The Editor:

It caused me great sadness when I learned of the death of Ken Allen last fall. Reading the recent article placed in this newspaper by his daughter renewed that sadness to an even greater degree.

I can make no comment concerning the cause of his death or the deposition of the charges against the people accused of causing it. I know only what I have read in this paper. However, if it will be of any consolation to Mr. Allen’s family, I can say that Ken was one of the finest men I had the privilege of working with during the many years that I was a judge in this county.

He was a kind, soft-spoken man who knew his job and performed it in an excellent manner, saving many broken lives. I never knew or even heard of his sexual leanings until I read his daughter’s article.

Even after his public service Ken continued helping those with alcohol and/or other drug addictions in his private business. I am proud to have known and worked with Ken Allen and his services will be missed.