To The Editor:

It appears that everyone, including The Missourian, has already judged Mr. Moore guilty of sexual misconduct.

The issue of his guilt or innocence is not my concern at this point. My concern is that the public, including congressmen and senators, and the media have already judged him.

What has happened to the Constitution where people are deemed innocent until proven guilty? This is a very slippery slope that every American should be concerned about.

Perhaps it only matters on who you are. For those who forgot, let me remind you of Sen. John McCain’s escapade with 30-year-old lobbyist Vicki Iseman in 2008. What? You don’t remember? I’m not surprised since this was covered up and settled out of court.

But McCain is also condemning Mr. Moore. Who is calling the kettle black? There is no room for improper sexual actions by anyone and all allegations should be investigated. But let us remember the Constitution and the value of “innocent until proven guilty.”