As we are getting ready to celebrate Christmas 2017, we hear of so many situations which need peace and hope in our country and in the world. We hear about the wildfires of California as we heard about the hurricanes in Texas and Florida and Caribbean Islands. Now the unrest in Jerusalem, which is a significant place for so many Christians, but also for the Muslims. We really do not have to go that far to look in our town and in families where peace and hope is desired by some people.  

As the churches and the community are trying to reach out to the homeless in our community, it is something we are addressing, but not really solving in our community. What is the permanent solution for such a problem? A night of lodging and some food is not the permanent solution. What is the permanent solution and how are we going to address it? 

There are families who are hurting in our community. There are broken homes and divorces. There are family members who do not talk to one another. There are so many situations in which healing needs to take place. 

What is our personal response to all this? We have to remember that each of these individuals was created in the image and likeness of God. We also have to remember that each individual is an opportunity for us to minister to the face of Christ. Christ came to bring us a message, but more importantly, He has demonstrated the way also. 

Let us remember Christ this Christmas! Let us remember each one of us can do something, no matter how little it is, to bring Christ to this world which needs the kindness and concern that Jesus demonstrated to us.

Have a Blessed Christmas!