To The Editor:

I was a little surprised to see the letter to the editor (titled “Checked by Police, Haven’t Returned Insurance Card”) in the Wednesday, July 10, issue of The Missourian. Your longstanding policies are:

“We do not publish letters that attack another person . . . . This newspaper does not have the resources to contact the criticized party to get the other side of the issue unless it becomes a public matter due to other circumstances. It is the same situation when a letter writer criticizes a business. Disputes with a business can’t be resolved through a letter to the editor. We don’t publish those letters.

“Letters that are in bad taste will not be published.”

The New Haven Police Department had made several attempts to contact the party in the letter and received no response ­— this was not mentioned in The Missourian. I know you stated above you don’t have the resources to check all the letters to the editor, but since this is a “public matter,” I am curious as to whether or not an attempt was made to reach out to myself or one of the other aldermen in New Haven to verify the letter before printing.

I do know you refused to print an article about the past police chief in New Haven, but yet for the new police chief the same consideration was not given. If you check my alderman Facebook page, you will see that the New Haven Police Department has received a lot of favorable press over the last six months, including a nice article in The Missourian. It is unfortunate that one inaccurate letter will now be used to tear down the department.

Let me know if there is something we can do to try and correct the situation. Note, with our longstanding relationship, this is not a discussion for social media, rather an attempt to make sure lines of communication are open in case there are situations like this.

Thanks for your consideration.