To The Editor:

What’s been lost in all the rhetoric about Prop A is that this initiative is pro-worker.  

Prop A gives workers a choice on what comes out of their paycheck and makes the unions more accountable to their members.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently extended worker freedom to all government workers.  A “yes” vote on Prop A would mean Missouri workers in the private sector are given the freedom to choose if they want to join a union or not.  For workers who choose to join a union, their union will be more accountable to them because they have a choice.  When membership is forced or coerced, the union is less accountable to its members.  

For example, unions would have to exhibit greater accountability to members on how they spend union dues.  Under the current status quo, union leaders can give union dues to politicians and causes not all its members support.  When workers have a choice, they have a louder and more powerful voice when it comes to the decisions union bosses make.

Two words sum up Prop A: freedom and accountability — the freedom for Missouri workers to decide if union representation is worth the investment and accountability for union leaders when it comes to meeting their members’ needs.  Let’s give Missouri workers more freedom and a bigger voice by voting “yes” on Prop A on Aug. 7.