To The Editor:

Some of us who joined the faculty of East Central College at its beginning were disappointed to learn that for the first time in 50 years ECC was put on probation by an accreditation evaluation team. Since many of us over the years had participated in preparing for and writing up our reports to verify that we should be fully accredited, we know what is involved in such a visit and ultimate evaluation.

As we read that unfortunate news, the college is preparing to celebrate its 50-year anniversary. The list of weaknesses that the evaluation team presented to the college, as the NEA representatives said recently, should have been taken care of before the evaluation. Clearly there seems to be a good deal of unrest at the college since faculty and staff have made a “vote of no confidence” for the college president. It seems that the faculty and staff feel that there is some discord between them and the administration.

One wonders whether the faculty was consulted regarding their feeling of being ignored when the administration hired someone to come in to tell the college what to do to correct these identified areas. Later, in fact, administrators and board members went to Chicago to appeal the evaluation team’s report; the fact that no faculty members were included speaks volumes of some possible disconnect between the administration and faculty.

Being put on probation is serious business; having a vote of no confidence in the college’s president is also serious business. Perhaps the faculty should conduct another vote regarding the board of trustees? It would seem that both the administration (of which there seems to be many) and the board should pay more attention to the people who really make up the college: the faculty and their students.