To The Editor:

In response to a recent headline “No Immediate Plans to Close Pool” — it would be beneficial for our city if there were no future plans to close the pool either.

A city pool can be an asset to a community. It offers fun and recreation services for people of all ages, from the young learning to swim, the teens competing in swim meets, to the senior enjoying a relaxing swim. Swimming and water sports are enjoyed by many. The benefits are social and physical. A pool is a vital asset to the city and its residents.

Another asset that the city and parks board have neglected is the fairgrounds tennis courts. With lack of maintenance they were not kept up and then deemed unsafe and have been closed for a few years. This is a sad sight.

The courts are locked and sitting in disrepair. Tennis also is a sport for all ages and abilities. It would be great if the courts could be repaired and opened again. The courts could be multipurpose and marked for tennis and pickleball, which is a popular sport for all ages.

This improvement would offer fun and recreation, especially for the residents residing in the northeast section of the city, and for generations to come. A pool and tennis courts are a terrible thing to waste.