To The Editor:

Every time our “leader” seems to reach his absolute lowest, he manages to go down yet another level, this time to that of evil.

Not just psychopathic or narcissistic or lacking in morals or ethics, but evil. He demonstrates, with his lack of attention to the citizens of Puerto Rico — citizens of the United States by the way — the contempt he feels for anyone not in his super-rich cohort.

I have to wonder whether his paranoia about Hispanics has a lot to do with his cavalier attitude: spending what, $1 million to play golf instead of acting like a leader; sending endless tweets about pro football (God, I hate that word but it fits his persona); arguing with the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, about his perception that “They’re not doing enough on their own, they want us to do everything.” Ten days after the destruction of the hurricane, it should be obvious that we must do the heavy lifting and they will help. Why would they not? Oh, right, they’re Hispanic; and the mayor is a woman.

Instead of diplomacy in dealing with North Korea, he ignores his advisers and taunts their leader as “Rocket Man” in a major speech to the United Nations for God’s sake, and threatens to “wipe their country off the face of the earth” if they do anything which threatens us, notwithstanding the fact millions of South Koreans would die in the process, and not a few American military personnel stationed there. He somehow cannot grasp the distinct possibility that it would start a nuclear war that might rapidly involve the major powers.

A significant percentage of citizens of the United States continue to see Trump as just what the country needs. I predict that number will decline as they begin to see the reality that he cares absolutely nothing about them and holds them in contempt. Maybe — maybe — if that number drops low enough, we can get Congress off their political asses to impeach him because of his complete lack of leadership, leaving us a neglected and mistreated country.