To The Editor:

Union Mayor Mike Livengood has publicly signed on to endorse Amendment 1.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has filed a lawsuit to stop a disingenuous out-of-state effort to upend Missouri’s political system. If successful, this suit will remove Amendment 1 from the Nov. 6 statewide ballot.

Amendment 1 is an attempt by billionaire activist George Soros to tinker with Missouri’s constitution and redraw the lines that define how Missouri is divided into state House and Senate districts. The Missouri Chamber’s legal challenge to Amendment 1 focuses on how the language bundles together several different issues into a single ballot item. This is not allowed under the Missouri Constitution.

If Amendment 1 remains on the ballot, vote no, unless you favor a coup attempt being powered by a billionaire activist with sophisticated marketing tools invading our state. No good ever comes from George Soros.