To The Editor:

I am writing to the paper because I take issue with the fact that one of our county commissioners, Tim Brinker, wants to resurrect a Confederate statue here in Franklin County.

This weekend I attended the sixth Annual FoodStock, which helps to collect food and raise money for our local food banks, and was amazed at the turnout. What a wonderful way to help those in need in our area.

So then to see this article regarding the Confederate monument. I can’t understand why we would want this visible reminder in our area that would cause more division, rancor and alienate certain members of our community?

To those who feel these statues/monuments reflect our history and our past, you may feel differently once you understand when they were erected, and the timing involved in their creation. The first set of statues was built around the 1900s after Jim Crow laws were declared legal by the Supreme Court in 1896. These monuments were meant to legitimize white supremacy and terrorize black citizens. The second set of statues/monuments was erected in the 1950s-60s, coinciding with the Civil Rights era.

I, too, thought these statues represented our history that we should not forget, but after reading more about the reasons why they were built changed my mind. I hope, as well, that Mr. Brinker takes the time to research the history behind these monuments and that he also changes his mind.  And Mr. Brinker needs to remember that he was elected to represent all of us in this wonderful community that takes care and looks out for those in need, no matter what their color.