To The Editor:

According to John Brennan, an intelligence chief under Barack Obama, it is “treasonous” for President Trump to attempt a constructive dialog with Putin, but it was perfectly OK with him, the other Democrats, and the Left in general when Obama tried to sycophantically cozy up to Putin through Putin’s foreign minister before the 2012 election, which attempt ended up as a total failure of his “reset” strategy, and for Hillary to happily approve a deal with Russia for them to acquire about 20 percent of an American uranium mine.

To thus set the record straight, it was Obama and Hillary who colluded with the Russians when both were in office, with both ending up being regarded contemptuously by the Russians for their all-too-obvious hypocrisy and general untrustworthiness.

Now, ironically, for the past two years, Hillary, the lock-step other Democrats, and their lapdogs in the mainstream media have absurdly been trying their utmost to project her and Obama’s collusions and attempted collusions during the Obama years onto President Trump and incredibly, to try to use this as some sort of flimsy excuse for Hillary’s humiliating defeat in the 2016 election, which she lost “fair and square.”

She would be much more respected today if she had simply, like a good sport, owned up to her loss and let it go at that. Instead, she opened up a real “can of worms,” accentuating political polarization and resorted to all manner of deceit and subterfuge that continues roiling and souring the political scene to this day.

Recently, President Trump deftly side-stepped an obvious setup when he was asked whom he believed with regard to the reported Russian interference with the 2016 election — his own intelligence chiefs or Putin? In reply, he diplomatically praised his intel chiefs and then simply and evenhandedly stated that Putin had strongly told him that “it was not Russia.”

The liberal press wanted him to say that he agreed with our intel that Russia had interfered in our last election so that in their twisted logic they could claim that in effect, he had thus admitted to collusion. By his wise response to their question, he avoided falling into their trap.

Any student of history knows, and will readily tell you, that for at least the last 50 years many nations, including the U.S., Russia, China and others, have meddled and interfered in the affairs of other nations when they felt their own national interests required it, and they most likely will continue doing that.