To The Editor:

I live in Marthasville and recently read about a proposed tax hike for the ambulance district. I know our ambulance crew does an amazing job and I have no doubt their need for updating vehicles and equipment is true.

I have always supported this department for those needs, but until the city of Marthasville can pay for a police department again I will not support the upcoming tax hike.

The difference in our town without a police force would take too long to list. If our mayor reinstated local police officers, the tax hike for the ambulance district would be a simple yes.

Like all towns, our town has many needs and priorities must be made. I am grateful for the ambulance crew we have in Marthasville. Until we have a new mayor who will make the police department a priority for our town, or until Mayor Lange and the board can see to the needs and wishes of the citizens, the ambulance district will have to get by the best it knows how.

Citizens can support fundraisers of their choosing, but should not have to pay higher taxes until other critical needs are met once again.

            Concerned Resident

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.