To The Editor:

Commissioner Brinker’s support for erecting the Forest Park Confederate statue in Franklin County is a terrible idea. 

Installing this memorial in our county would attract national attention. At a time when our nation needs healing and unity, we would be sending the message that we are going out of our way to glorify the cause of dividing our nation and preserving the atrocities of slavery. We would be inviting the KKK and other alt — right visitors and (hopefully) counter protests. Do we want the kind of violence that Charlottesville experienced here?

Brinker says that “many (confederate soldiers) fought simply because their fathers told them to.” It is fortunate that Germany didn’t take Brinker’s stance and erect Nazi memorials because even though they perpetrated horrific acts, the Nazi soldiers fought hard and were just obeying Hitler’s orders.

Brinker seems to think that because he and Trump were elected, the majority of their constituency wants to make America unapologetically racist again, but it is my fervent hope that this is not why the current leadership won office. I implore my Republican friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to prove that their values don’t include racism, misogyny and bigotry because on the point of human rights I cannot and will not just “agree to disagree.”