To The Editor:

The Missouri River bridge that is currently in the construction process will replace the existing Washington Missouri River bridge. There is no need to give a new name to this replacement bridge. It is still the Missouri River Bridge at Washington — the Washington Bridge.

For all the people who submitted names for the new bridge, I suggest you read Ralph Gregory’s excellent book, “A History of Washington, Missouri,” especially the section titled “The Missouri River Bridge.”

You will realize that the bridge was a result of the cumulative efforts of the citizens and leaders from 1930 on to the completion of the bridge in 1936. One person did play a prominent role, Clarence Cannon, our 9th District Congressman, but it was the city of Washington that borrowed $428,000 to build the bridge.

Any other name than the Missouri River Bridge at Washington would dishonor the work of the citizens and leaders from 1930 into today.

The construction of the new bridge is a continuation of that 1930 effort to secure a bridge over the Missouri River here in Washington. That’s why it is located here in the first place.

No one person deserves a name on that new bridge. It belongs to the city of Washington. Leave the name of the new bridge alone.