To The Editor:

I have grown to believe Judy Wagner was right when she said we would grow to see the new bridge as beautiful.

I did not believe her when she stated that in her letter to this newspaper soon after the old bridge was demolished.

I, as so many others I talked with the day of the demolition, saw the old bridge as beautiful with its complex metal structure. The new bridge appeared to be an ugly, cold, concrete slab.

It is anything but. As I run or walk on Front Street and look at the new bridge, it looks beautiful as it gracefully arches over the Missouri River. Its stanchions are arched, too, and look like the arches of old church windows.

Whether I see it in the early morning or during the day, its shape is still beautiful, especially when lit up with its lights or with the lights of vehicular traffic. We are lucky to have had Judy Wagner and her crew design this bridge for us.