To The Editor:

Why would The Missourian editorial board see fit to print the spiteful, rude and thoughtless letter that Marty Riggs submitted?

None of his assertions were substantiated with any source material. His self-described “items on my mind” are gratuitously uninformed.

Nancy Pelosi is not 99 years old. The book written by Chelsea and Hillary Clinton will not be made into a movie by Marvel Comics. We are not “. . . an election away from open borders, gun confiscation, full-term abortion and socialism” and anyone who asserts that we are is foolish and delusional.

Further, the letter clearly violates The Missourian’s own published standards for letters to the editor by criticizing a commercial enterprise, in this case Burger King.

The Missourian editorial board is free to be hypocritical about its letters policy, of course. It should not expect to be hypocritical without that hypocrisy being noted.

Of course, the chances of The Missourian editorial board printing this letter are slim at best, given their ongoing policy of censoring me.