To The Editor:

A recent contributor to the editorials made the statement that “Missouri was not a Confederate state.” I would beg to differ, as indeed Missouri was in fact represented with a star on the national flag of the Confederacy.

Eleven states formally seceded from the Union. The two extra stars represent Missouri and Kentucky. Missouri’s elected governor and representatives clearly were taking the necessary steps to formally secede.

Missouri was held in the Union illegally, at the tip of the bayonet, whereas Kentucky was treated with kid gloves and retained into the Union.

A simple trip through any number of historical books will confirm these facts. In addition, a very enjoyable trip can be made to our local Odd Fellows Cemetery (Wildey) in Washington. There one can view the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers, all from Missouri, with the exception of the Prince of Lichtenstein, who indeed served on the staff of Maj. Gen. Phil Sheridan. His grave can be viewed in the pauper section of the cemetery.

The letter writer also stated angst toward (Commissioner) Tim Brinker for his suggestion on the placement of the Confederate monument from Forest Park. I could not be more proud of your courage for your proposal, Mr. Brinker. The vote you lost will be offset by mine.

In closing, I would like to add that I will proudly and gladly sign my name as opposed to the aformentioned letter writer.