To The Editor:

I am responding to a recent letter with the heading — “Pro-Life but Abortion Is Personal.”

A person cannot be pro-life and state that a woman should have the right to abort her unborn fetus/baby. This is an ultimate contradiction. For a person to be pro-life means that person supports life from conception to natural death. And also supports the women who find themselves in an untimely or crisis pregnancy to choose life for their babies — pro-life and pro-women.

Yes, the Declaration of Independence does declare for all the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness … including the life of the preborn baby. Life is a gift from God, not only a right listed in the Declaration.

There are some difficult situations in life but help is available for those in need. There are compassionate organizations such as Birthright, Coalition for Life, Thrive, and locally the Pregnancy Assistance Center, among others, that help mothers choose life for their babies.

The recent legislation passed by Missouri legislators is not anti-woman, it is pro-life and pro-woman. The goal is to protect women and their babies from the physical and psychological evils of abortion. To help women choose life. Life is the natural and compassionate choice.