To The Editor:

In response to Roy Blunt’s “Energy More Affordable,” in my opinion what will happen when we go from E10 to E15 is this: It will not save energy because ethanol lowers gas mileage and performance. It will require the consumer to buy more gasoline, not less, and the consumer will need to have more repairs because of buildup in the fuel systems of their cars and trucks.

The other real cost will be feed bills will go up and so will food costs, pork, beef, chicken and almost anything else that corn would be used for. This is not a good deal for the consumers.

The only ones who will profit are the corn farmers and the ethanol plants: This needs to be stopped now.

The cost of food and gasoline is high enough. We need lower costs for food and better gas mileage not lower gas mileage. Let’s make a stand for the consumers and stop this waste before it is too late.

Let’s save the corn for food not ethanol. We cannot eat ethanol!