To The Editor:

Jan. 17, 1973, one of the darkest days in our history, the day that abortion became legal in the United States of America.

Most pre-born babies are greatly loved and their arrival is much anticipated by loving parents. But for some people a pre-born baby is an inconvenience. Abortion gets rid of the inconvenience by getting rid of the pre-born baby.

There have been around 61 million abortions in the United States since that fateful day in January of 1973. This amounts to the populations of the states of California and Texas combined. Can we even imagine how those 61 million babies, if allowed to live, would have changed our country and the world? Have we put to death the very people who would have brought a cure to many of our diseases? Have we put to death those who could have brought peace in areas of much conflict? Have we put to death those who would have solved the problem of world hunger? How many other problems do we still have in the United States and in the world today because we have lost the problem solvers to abortion? Each pre-born baby has much potential. Each pre-born baby has the right to life, the right to reach that potential.

In case of an unplanned pregnancy, there are people one can go to who can help. Every pre-born baby is special and so precious. Every pre-born baby is unique. Every pre-born baby has talents that are needed in this world. Let us work hard to save the lives of pre-born babies. Let us look to brighter days. Let us choose life.