To The Editor:

This country recently honored our veterans on Memorial Day but I doubt if anyone gave any thought to what happened 51 years ago June 8, 1967, when the Israeli Air Force deliberately attacked the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean Sea.  

This unprovoked, premeditated assault resulted in the murder of 34 American sailors and wounding 174 more.  The Israelis dropped napalm, shot rockets and heavy arms fire for over two hours on the defenseless ship, which was nothing more than a communication ship in international waters.  

The Israeli objective was to sink the ship and kill all of the crew so they could blame it on the Egyptians.  Only through the bravery and dedication of the survivors were they able to possibly save the world from World War III.  

Sadly, our government has refused to make Israel accountable and instead continues to cover up this event and continues to send Israel over $10 million every day of the year, amounting to over $4 billion annually.  I would ask, no beg, you to remember the USS Liberty and if you do not know the history of this horrible event, I would invite you to read the book “Erasing the Liberty,” by Phillip F. Tourney, one of the survivors.  

I have a few copies of the book for anyone who wants to learn about this dark day in U.S. history.  I can be reached at 636-357-8770. If nothing else, pause for a moment on June 8 and thank these vets.