To The Editor:

Some time ago, I promised not to write another letter about Trump, but this time, he has gone beyond the pale. I don’t know where he got his degree in economics — Trump University perhaps — but he is demonstrating a child’s understanding about world trade and economics. The interconnections among countries in the world are extraordinarily complicated, and he shows his profound ignorance by saying, like a kid on the playground, “If you hurt me, I’ll hurt you back even worse.” God knows, I know next to nothing about the economics but I do figure that an ex-game show host knows even less.

I sincerely doubt that Trump knows the meaning or potential calamity of “trade war.” It could well plunge the world into an economic depression far worse than that of 1929. His impulsive threats of steep tariffs on iron and steel have already set off a firestorm of anxiety and anger from many of our trading partners. It’s striking that in one of the very rare instances there is a nonpartisan push-back in Congress as they try to talk some sense into his narcissistic head.

Given Trump’s proclivity to “walk back” his impulsive decrees, that may happen here as well. He is wily though and I wonder if this latest threat is an attempt to distract attention from Robert Mueller’s investigation. I think it was Stalin who coined the term “useful idiot,” meaning that if a person of power in another government can be manipulated to do what Russia wants them to do, they’re a useful idiot. I suspect that Trump is Putin’s useful idiot and possibly that of the Chinese president-for-life as well. (A chilling comment from Trump reported yesterday has him saying, “president for life. I might take a shot at that.”)

Now, before all you Trumpers get your noses out of joint, this isn’t simply another of my anti-Trump rants. The complaints I expressed about him in the past pale besides not only further screwing up this country, but the world, and the potential damage is inconceivable. The world has gotten a lot more complicated since 1929. We are all locked together in a delicate economic balance, and we simply can’t allow an ignorant “deal-maker” to throw us into the abyss.