To The Editor:

I am very upset that Mercy Hospital Washington will not be offering blood donor services after Sept. 5.

This has been a great service to the community, not only in providing needed blood products for our area, but for the many patients with medical conditions which require them to have a pint of blood drawn off regularly.

It was very convenient to be able to have this done locally. I am assuming this can be done in a doctor’s office, so hopefully these patients won’t have too far to go. I hope people will continue to donate blood, either at the Red Cross donation center in Krakow or Mercy in St. Louis, but neither will offer the convenience of the Blood Donor Center in Washington.

And, FYI, platelet donors — both arms are used with the Red Cross machines.

Thank you to all the wonderful nurses and staff who have worked at the Washington Donor Center throughout the years. Your compassion and dedication to our community will not be forgotten. You will be missed.

Debbie Travis