To The Editor:

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? 

Considered grounds for impeachment: crimes, misconduct, habitual drunkenness, neglect of duty, corruption in office, moral turpitude, and oppression in office. The magic word being “in” office. Laymen, such as myself, may not understand legal jargon, but certainly we know the difference between in office or out of office. 

While in office, if any of the above have been committed, he could be impeached. None of the accusations were done while in office. His trouble with the extramarital affair was well before he became governor. More importantly, he and his wife reconciled their personal and private problem. Personal being the key word.

The accusation of obtaining a list from the Mission Continues is also being blown way out of proportion. Most of the supporters of the organization were his personal friends. He founded the organization after all! A complaint was filed and he paid the fine! Done.

We should be proud to have a man as governor who is willing to fight for his innocence, instead of the careerminded politicians who would fold on the first accusation. That would be most likely because they were guilty. Guilty in the court of public opinion isn’t what we as Missourians should base our verdict on. Let the system we believe in work it all out, not a kangaroo court in Jefferson City engineered to smear the best governor this state has ever had in my lifetime. 

When the smoke clears and Gov. Greitens is found innocent in our court system, I hope he will run for a second term as governor of the great state of Missouri. I will be glad to re-elect this innocent man.