To The Editor:

It seems as though the new legislative session has gotten off to an unfortunate start; our state has numerous issues that we must tackle without unnecessary distractions. The most troubling of these distractions right now lies at the feet of our chief executive himself, Gov. Greitens.

I truly hope that all of our state’s lawmakers, regardless of political party affiliation, will hold “Governor Fifty Shades” accountable for how he has misled and deceived us all. This individual is a chameleon who sculpted a carefully crafted image designed to appeal to Missouri voters and it worked. While he seems to have the ability to always say just the right thing, and his built-in radar provides him with an uncanny ability to head straight for friendly photo-ops, his behavior since being elected has convinced me that he cares nothing about making Missouri better — he’s simply using this office as a steppingstone to the White House — and I resent his arrogance in thinking we were all just chumps who could be hoodwinked and manipulated. The “dark” money from unnamed secret sources; the unethical way in which our education commissioner was fired; the use of the Confide app to ensure secrecy of communications; the information blackout from our press — and now this scandal. He’s crossed one line too many.

This scandal is having a negative impact on all Missouri residents; how we handle it in the weeks and months ahead will affect how our state is perceived across the nation. I am very troubled when I hear Missouri lawmakers saying things like, “If it’s just an affair then we can move past it, but if there’s more, then . . .” My response is this: Either we believe in family values, or we don’t. Are these values ones we truly believe in, or are they only rolled out before each election cycle to win votes?

Given that they are in the majority, if the Republican Party asserts itself as the party that espouses Missourians’ morals and Christian values, then it needs to take the bull by the horns and show this impostor the door. Your actions now will follow you for years to come — show us you are serious about your commitment to our great state and to its residents.

Editor’s Note: The writer’s name is being withheld per request.