To The Editor:

I would like to make a point of clarification regarding the May 9 Missourian article, “No Confidence Vote for Bauer.” The article quoted me as saying that employees have lost faith in the institution.

 That statement was in reference to results from surveys that indicate, over time, many employees have concerns that “East Central College is going in the right direction” (2015 Workplace Dynamics). When I stated that employees have lost faith in the institution, it was about faith in the leadership and direction of the institution, not the college itself.

 We believe wholly in the college and its mission of educating students and serving our community. The institution is all of us who work here and give fully every day to meet our students’ needs. We are eminently proud of what we do and dedicated to what comes next.

 During the past year preparing for the HLC visit, we gained tremendous momentum toward addressing our accreditor’s concerns. We worked with colleagues, across departments, and outside of ourselves to make changes. We are learning from our past to build an even stronger institution. There are many extremely capable and talented people here who do their jobs with great skill and commitment and want to do more to make a difference.

 It is exactly this commitment throughout the college that makes many of us so concerned about leadership at the highest levels. We recognize it’s not the sole responsibility of one person to “get ECC off notice,” but it is the ultimate responsibility of the people at the very top to ensure that all at the college are involved and empowered. We crave visionary leadership that can navigate the challenges and work with the entire institution to implement change.