To The Editor:

This letter is long overdue. I should have written it long ago, as it was in my heart, but I just did not sit down and do it. So, finally, here it is.

I am writing to thank some people who have been so helpful to those of us who are members of groups, and are citizens of our community.

First of all, I want to thank the owners, the editors and staff of our civic-minded newspaper, The Missourian. You have been so generous and kind to cover every event we have asked you to do (such as Church Women United, the CROP Hunger Walk, Habitat for Humanity, church events, etc., etc.). We are so very grateful to you! Thank you!

Secondly, thank you to the leaders in our city and county governments — for your time, care, hard work and concern. It is a big job, and many times we take you for granted, and we do not express appreciation for your work. Many times we complain. So thank you for serving us!

One item (many times overlooked) is the sustained effort to keep recycling and important part of our trash pickup. Thank you for providing the curbside pickup and providing containers at the city hall, for keeping this  a regular part of our trying to be responsible people, to keep God’s creation clean and green.

I am forever grateful for the curbside pickup. I wish everybody would use it! It makes me sad to see so many more trash containers out for pickup rather than recycling containers. It only takes a little more thought to be a recycler.

So my parting word is to ask those of you who do not use the yellow-top containers, to please start using them. And to those of you who do recycle, please continue to do so. How easy it is in Union, to just wheel it out to the curb!

And a parting thank you to former mayor, Glenn Van Leer, and his co-workers for getting us started in the right direction on recycling, and thanks to Mike Livengood and staff for keeping it going! More green days to all of you!