To The Editor:

I am relating a traffic incident which serves as a reminder to drivers who ignore crosswalks and also the need for more traffic safety training for one school bus driver.

I work at Magnet LLC, 1100 Stafford St., which has a crosswalk for employees walking from the parking lot on the west side of the street to the building on the east side of Stafford. Everyone using the crosswalk knows to be very cautious in spite of having the right of way – many drivers don’t seem to know the rules, are inconsiderate, or in too much of a hurry and zoom around a person without slowing. We have experienced many close calls.

At the 3 p.m. end of shift on Thursday, Oct. 12, I witnessed the following: A car was waiting for the last of a group of employees headed to the parking lot. A First Student school bus pulled out of Meadowlark Drive onto Stafford, and instead of stopping behind the waiting car, drove into the oncoming lane (no vehicles were there waiting), through the crosswalk, and continued south on Stafford.

I was so upset by this dangerous behavior on the part of a school bus driver that I called the police to find out how to report the incident. They had me contact the school resource officer for First Student. I called and left a message for Stephanie in the safety department.  Having received no response by Friday, I left a message for the location manager, Mr. Marks. On Monday, with still no return call, I left another message for Mr. Marks saying I was very disappointed that SRO had so little interest in a report of unsafe driving by one of their employees.

I hope that all drivers will be more attentive and give people using crosswalks the right of way. We appreciate the cars that do patiently wait and give us a safe crossing.