To The Editor:

Commissioner Tim Brinker is correct when he says that now is a good time to discuss Confederate monuments. 

The time is always right to discuss human rights for all people. I cannot, however, agree with “honoring those who fought and died for their beliefs, right or wrong.” 

Those who enslave, wrongfully imprison, kill, restrict access to education, harass, or in any way abridge an individual’s human rights is not honorable and is not worthy of honor. Enslaving fellow human beings is wrong. Glorifying those who killed in an effort to maintain their power to enslave fellow human beings is wrong.

I’m not sure that everyone who voted for you knew that this was your position. I do know that there is harassment of people of color in Franklin County and honoring those who enslaved people of color undermines the good will in our communities. Individuals may fly a Confederate flag on their trucks, listen to music that encourages hurting women, and hold whatever opinions they want to about people who don’t look like they do, but Franklin County, Missouri, must not show public support for the abridgement of the human rights outlined in the Statement on Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in December 1948. 

Giving the Forest Park statue a place of honor on public land shows public support for the abridgement of human rights. 

The fact that there is a verbal nod to Washington and Jefferson on the monument’s plaque is meaningless. Even the devil quotes scripture. Please. We are better than this. We have to be better than this. If we aren’t, we might as well crawl back into our caves and club anyone from the next valley over who steps into our territory.