To The Editor:

There were obituary notices in the Nov. 11-12 and 15 issues of The Missourian about Ed Warner. The information was factually correct. But there was so much more that could — and should — be said about him.

Ed Warner was a cop’s cop.

Ed and I met in 1975, when he was a deputy sheriff and I was first assistant in the office of the prosecuting attorney. Ed always reminded me of an old-time Western sheriff in the movies. He had a bushy mustache and liked to wear cowboy boots, and he looked you straight in the eye. But there was nothing make-believe about the man. Every case he brought to the office was as solid as a rock.

Ed had a superb sense of the street and what was going on there. But he was much more than a capable, hard-nosed police officer. He knew when to be tough and when to be gentle. And if Ed said something, it was so. You could count on it.

Ed Warner was a credit to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and to the Washington Police Department. He was one of those people who make a difference. He was as fine a man as they come.