To The Editor:

It was my great honor and privilege, as a member of the East Central College Board of Trustees, to have a seat on the stage at commencement last weekend. As I looked with awe and admiration upon the graduates preparing to receive their diplomas, I saw the pride in their faces. They were starry-eyed with anticipation about their future and the many doors their education would open for them.

I couldn’t help but think of where these graduates would be, were it not for the vision and sheer tenacity of the community leaders whose efforts led to the creation of East Central College half a century ago. These leaders faced challenges and setbacks along the way. Their first attempt to form the college did not succeed, but thankfully, that was not the end of the story. They regrouped, retrenched and tried until they succeeded. Where would today’s and all past graduates be had they simply given up? My own ECC diploma hangs proudly on the wall by my desk. I have five degrees, but it was the one from East Central College that made the others possible.

Soon, the college will be celebrating its 50-year anniversary. ECC has changed and evolved greatly over the past 50 years and has faced its share of challenges. As we look toward the next 50 years, there will certainly be challenges ahead. Some will be more daunting than others, but all of them can and will be overcome as they have throughout the college’s history.

It is my honor to be a member of ECC’s Board of Trustees as we play our part in time, making sure East Central College continues to be the wonderful community asset it is, while looking with vision to an even greater future. It is humbling to play a part in ECC’s tradition of excellence.

Please accept my invitation to come visit and learn more about East Central College.