To The Editor:

Reply to Editorial: “It’s the Economy, Stupid.” Seventy percent of Franklin County voters voted for Trump. Yet The Missourian, by its own admission, confesses to “devoting a lot of space on the editorial page to criticizing the president.”

This predetermined bias in our hometown newspaper is disturbing.

First, you state that President Trump can claim credit for the booming economy even if much of the foundation for it started under President Obama.

What? Did you leave planet Earth from 2009-16? Obama had miserable GDP numbers, high unemployment (remember, millions just quit looking for work), record numbers on food stamps and unprecedented regulations, strangling our job-creating small business owners.

He had the worst economic record of any president since the peanut farmer from Georgia.

Second, media liberals are the country’s biggest problem, not Trump. A truth-seeking press, so critical to democracy, is now just a fantasy; truth itself is subordinate to ideology.

The elite parcel out what “truth” the American people will read, see and hear. We’re fed a steady diet of intellectually insulting fake news. And the recent press conference over the president’s health exam tells you all you need to know about liberals and journalistic integrity: They refused to believe the doctor’s report (suddenly he’s a quack)!

Trump didn’t have Alzheimer’s, dementia or clogged arteries! Stunned and disappointed, they asked the same dumb questions over and over.

Who’s stressed and demented? (Clue: It’s not Trump.)

Third, physician, heal thyself! I suggest you begin reporting on your own industry’s bias and abuses.

Especially troubling are the “free passes” and total coverage blackouts given to liberal Democrats Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, Comey and Mueller.

These “public servants” have committed actual felonies and put our nation’s security at risk. They should be in prison.

Meanwhile, liberals want to impeach Trump for eating Big Macs. The double standard is glaring.

Editorialize for us the Iran Nuclear $150 Billion Taxpayer Giveaway to Terrorists, the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Benghazi, Obama’s Deep State, Hezbollah Drug-Running Approval . . . etc., etc. Nero (liberal media) fiddles while Rome (America) burns.

Put the fiddle down: Pick up the pen. I support Trump because he’s fighting for me, not the lobbyists, not the pocket-lining establishment and not the fake news liars. Best of all, he’s not Hillary.

So please, drop the Trump-bashing drivel, and report something of real substance. You’re better than this, Missourian, and your readers deserve better!