The age of driverless cars is upon us. Not far behind is a new age for trucking with driverless trucks. That’s the word from Karen E. Thuermer, who wrote an article for Area Development magazine titled “A New Age for Trucking.”

She wrote that high driver turnover, the new mandates limiting hours on the road and the boom in e-commerce are spurring the adoption of driverless trucks.

There is a critical shortage of drivers, with costs increasing. Sign-on bonuses are advertised at upward of $10,000 for drivers. Autonomous trucks may be an answer, so writes Thuermer.

We have wondered about driverless autos. There does not seem to be a strong demand for the development of driverless cars, but the auto manufacturers have produced some of them. There have been some problems. Driverless cars seem to be in an experimental stage. Feelings are mixed here about their future.

Driverless trucks may be pushing the experimental button too far. However, other developments in automation have proved to be successful.

There is fear now by some car drivers to travel on interstate highways because of the traffic. Would highways jammed with driverless vehicles increase that fear?

The truck driver shortage is real and it may get worse.