To the Editor:

I would like to present a few thoughts and suggestions for the name of the new bridge. 

I think that John Simmons is on the right track for the name. My thoughts are that the bridge not be named for a city, county or someone where past accomplishments appear to justify recognition. 

My reasoning is that were the name given in this manner it would be the cause for controversy, and we certainly have enough of that in our world today. I would rather see the bridge be given a benign name that no one could argue if possible. 

Perhaps Serenity Bridge, Bridge of Tranquility, Unity Bridge or something similar might present pause and calm rather than agitating any number of groups of people. 

I would like to think that each time any of us cross the new bridge, the name would serve to cause thoughts which are serene, hopeful and tranquil. Let’s make each crossing give us hope for better times and things to come.

Another suggestion to the editor would be to encourage readers to submit short articles or stories of what the existing bridge has meant to them, and perhaps their hopes for what the new bridge will bring to our surrounding communities. I plan to submit something in the near future.