To The Editor:

Your editorial “Culture of Violence” paints with broad strokes the participants in this so-called disease to include the “youngsters steeped in the culture,” the filmmakers of movies and television, the news directors who include an overload of shootings and crime, the general public who buy the movie tickets, and your summary statement, a huge overstatement: “the root cause is that Americans like violence and sex.”

Really? Our neighbors, our book club, our volunteers in 10 different places? Our teachers and administrators and employed workers everywhere in our community? Americans like violence and sex? I strongly disagree!

Adults, teenagers, parents, youngsters, neighbors, yours and mine, can and do make reasonable and responsible choices on what they view, what they consume. One does have a choice not to watch a steady stream of violence and sex on network and cable. Turn it off. 

Make a conscious effort to redirect your thought and interest to something wholesome. Look for and find a few programs the family can enjoy together. Rediscover the commercial-free content of nature and science programs, music and the arts, and true life experiences of people around the world, nonfiction heroes and adventurers. 

PBS programs, their four channels, are most likely viewed by hundreds of families in the Washington area. One can make choices, take a stand for the good, the higher view, and not have our community identified as participants “steeped in a culture of violence.”