To The Editor:

“If you dance with the devil, evil follows.” I heard that on a TV news program this morning and I completely agree.

Some of the world’s most dangerous people are doing a lot of dancing and it’s getting more frenzied by the day as two of the most unstable leaders are in a pissing contest, brandishing their nukes. Are either of them psychotic, “crazy?” I’d like to think not, but neither appears to be listening to cooler heads. (Well, I’m not so sure about North Korea. They don’t seem to have any around.)

What we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia, was a demonstration of unbridled hate, from skinheads to the “rabid right” to the KKK, battling university students in a melee that resembled a terrorist attack. Trump’s response to this? “There were many sides, many sides,” delivered with a laissez-faire attitude.

One of the most unsettling parts of this to me was the tiki torches carried by many of the violent demonstrators, somehow marrying their violent behavior to pleasant summer evenings in our backyards. I doubt this demonstration of hate had anything to do with taking down a symbol of the deadliest war ever fought on our soil. Robert E. Lee would be horrified.

Few of those people dancing with the devil, I would bet, know that he very nearly joined the Northern Army at the outset of the Civil War, but changed his mind almost at the last minute because he felt the South, his homeland, needed him more. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and had many close friends in the North. His decision must have been agonizing. That’s as strong a statement of love over hate that I can think of.

Most of the hate-filled people we see in today’s political environment don’t appear to understand that Trump, as (I suspect most) multimillionaires do, holds them in contempt. Trump lies. He made promises to give us “the best medical care in the world,” well-knowing that his colleagues in business would gladly endorse a tax cut trashing the Affordable Care Act as it enriches them.

This is not to mention his latest whim: Invade Venezuela! Does anyone believe concern for the beleaguered people in that country is more important than oil? We’re swimming in oil! Mr. Tillerson, do we see your hand in this? Ours is a consumerist society, from which one third of our people are left out. Does anyone believe that Trump has any more concern for them than those poverty-striken Venezuelans?

Fear is my strongest emotion as two unstable men express their hate for one another. One or either of them may push the red button at any time. Talk about power!