To The Editor:

Wow, that was some deep, Pulitzer prize-winning, investigative journalism. You were able to make some impressive connections between Kids in Motion and Fitness Made Fun. I mean going through a web database of archived websites, that’s some sleuthing. You failed to mention, however, that they also have a lot of the same students. Huh, crazy coincidence.

Did that piece you wrote help you feel better? What is your end game? Come on, leave it alone. Is there nothing better that your detective prowess could be used on? Kids in Motion is closed. Piper Hoemann is gone. What kind of bully continues to go at it and disparage the family and staff at a new business as well? Why be a destroyer when you can be a builder. 

Fitness Made Fun is an asset to the community and should be treated as such. It provides opportunities for kids at prices that make it possible for families to participate in. There is nothing else like it in a town of this size with the benefits to those kids of self-confidence, skills, good sportsmanship and physical health. 

In an age of overweight, electronically addicted, over medicated kids, I want my kids at Fitness Made Fun as much as possible. In fact, let’s see if your next piece could be an advertisement for Fitness Made Fun. I’ll even let you use my name and give you some pretty pictures. I’m serious.