To The Editor:

This is a follow-up letter to the letter from Debbie Travis in the Wednesday Missourian dated Aug. 23.

With such a big need for blood it is a shame Mercy is stopping the collection of blood at Mercy Hospital Washington. Debbie is correct that donors have the choice of going to the American Red Cross in Krakow, or going to St. Louis to donate platelets.

There is a misconception about the collection process at Krakow Red Cross. When donating at Krakow you have the choice to use both arms or just one arm to donate. Your vein size can dictate, or you can request your preference of which process is used.

I have donated over 100 units of whole blood using one arm and over 300 donations of platelets, 98 percent of the time the two-arm process was my preferred choice of donating. I am one person who prefers two arms because for me it was faster than one arm. And the needle size comparing both processes is the same with either donation.