To The Editor:

Time to take a few words from President Donald Trump. 

The Riverfront Park and Trail have become a “poophole.” With the weather getting nicer it’s time to get out and exercise and walk the pets. People have been walking their dogs but do not clean up after them. 

Today I went down to walk a pet and between the flagpoles to the rock parking lot there were 11 piles of dog poop. 

There are plastic bags to be used to clean up after pets and they are even free. What is wrong with these people? Maybe we need some enforcement of the pet waste laws, fine some of the people and put their names in the public record. This may shame them to do the right thing. The riverfront is a big asset for Washington and needs to be kept clean. In the spring and summer little children play in the grass where lazy people do not pick up after their pets. 

Let’s make some type of enforcement to keep the riverfront clean and safe, and stop this poophole.

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.