To The Editor:

It seems that the editorial board at The Missourian is determined to exploit Richard Trigg’s blatantly racist, not to mention erroneous, points of view for as long as it can. That’s its prerogative, of course.

That said, the editorial board really needs to stop patting itself on the back for not being a censor. The Richard Browning and Doug Glatz letters printed subsequent to Trigg’s are nothing more than The Missourian bragging about how it doesn’t censor points of view. That’s false, and obviously so.

I sit here as living, breathing proof that The Missourian is indeed a censor. They didn’t print my letter which rebutted Trigg with simple facts. My letter contained no profanity, nor libelous language. I’m as sure as I can be that they won’t print this letter. That makes them a censor, pure and simple.

Stop lying. Stop it now.