To The Editor:

I try to stay out of political discussions, or in the words of Karen Butterfield, “Don’t read the comments.” While working in a school every day, I cannot avoid this particular discussion any longer. 

The word that we as a nation should start screaming instead of gun control is, amendment. An amendment is a change made to a document. A perfect example is Prohibition. Most of us can be grateful for that change.  

Since the Second Amendment is the most popular one being challenged this month, perhaps we, as a nation, should look at a few things. We have evolved since the “right to bear arms” amendment was written. When it was written, muzzle-loading rifles were used, not bump-stocks. Our responsibilities of providing our own protection also changed. Infringing on the rights of the people to bear arms should not ever be an option. Amending that right to better protect our nation and our future generations should. 

Speaking of our future generations, to those Americans demanding the age increase, will the age increase also affect the age of military enrollment? Again, I will attempt to not post my personal opinion on the matter as my middle child is graduating boot camp next week. 

Schools and police enforcement work closely on lock-down trainings, active-shooter trainings for students and staff as well as educational seminars for parents. This is proactive and is continually getting better as we speak. You cannot prepare for an emergency. Emotion does not allow for it. Natural human reaction does not allow it. 

Allow me to be perfectly clear, I have been hunting and so have my children for as long as we have been on this Earth. I support responsible gun ownership and use for both recreational and personal protection, so before you attempt to guess on where I personally stand, now you know. 

My fellow Americans, let us have a conversation instead of a screaming match. Let us embrace our rights as well as our evolution. Let’s pave the road of safety and responsibility for our future generations just as the Founding Fathers did for us so long ago. I like to imagine those men fist-pounding the table and yelling their point as well as considering opposition like well-educated adults.